11 December 2012

Spring Fever

so, I don't think that it's a secret at all that I'm just not that into the winter months--I'm already over it. The temperature went into the 50's and I just want to lay under my covers and not come out until my most favorite time of the year rolls around: SPRING. Spring is my absolute favorite time of year because honestly, there's nothing better and I mean, maybe it helps that my birthday falls right in the middle of Spring. The air feels new, the attitudes are happy and everyone visits their local esthetician for a little Botox touch up to fully participate in 'spring cleaning'. Out with the dark and drab colors of Fall/Winter and here comes the LOUD AND PROUD colors of Spring/Summer. If the SP13 runway shows at Fash Week are any indication, I'm going to be happy well into Summer. 
Spring Fever

what I loved about the spring shows was the wild use of colors. Color blocking isn't anything new to fashion but I always get excited when bright primary colors are paired together. Michael Kors SP13 runway really sticks in my memory as one of the better examples of using such bold primary colors colorblocked with hardly any effort. Out with the tradish black blazers and let's start playing with navy instead. Spring is a great time of renewal and freshness and I think a nice navy blazer will break up the monotony of the dark winter colors. Hermès, Dior and LV were all big supporters of Navy down the runway in Paris FW13 and we all know we can consider those three as like the big three mafia families. what they say goes, we love navy. white pants. we all know I am an EXTREME lover of white pants and I only stopped wearing mine because this really cute pair of red underwear I bought bled all over them in the wash. Now I have really ugly Pepto Bismol pants. but hellooooo, white + navy is just begging people to ask you where you valet'd your yacht. the last and final thing I noticed for spring was the use of mens accessories. I think it's very important for a man to accessorize himself within reason of his own personal style. Clearly a oversized mens Birkin à la Hermès SP13 is well within my own personal style. 

an honorable mention goes to military accents. menswear seems to always pay a little hommage to military esthetics in clothing, but some of the fashion haus leaders took it a little too far in my book: camouflage. Comme des Garçons, Dries Van Noten and Band of Outsiders were all seen in Paris FW13 doing camo. I have never been a fan nor will I decide to be one. 

so let's all go get a spray tan, put on our white pants, drink a crisp Mojito and pretend like it's already Spring. Go home winter, you can't sit with us. 

18 November 2012

Carter Kennedy

Shirt: Michael Kors; Sweater: Ralph Lauren; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Frye; Watch: Michael Kors; Sunglasses: RayBan

if you've read my bio on here (which you probably haven't), you'd know that I am a vehement lover of the beach and anything related to the ocean--so it was only natural that we took a little side trip to our favorite 'top wealthiest places' in the US and had a little play date with the Kennedys and Miss Monroe. if you're still not understanding that we were on Coronado then here's the wikipedia page. 

continuing on with the fall sweater trend I took a more summery, 'it's too hot to play tennis' approach to wearing a sweater: the classic tied-around-my-neck look. I really enjoy pairing similar light-colored items together because I think that it just oozes wealth and sophistication. and hello, mixing Michael Kors with Ralph Lauren is basically like mixing the two queens of classic American fashion. it's nice to branch out and experiment with your style, but it's always nice to have a little rendez-vous with the classics every now and then. 

what do you guys think? how do you like mixing your classic pieces with more modern pieces? we'd love to hear! 

beaux rêves et gros bisous, 

08 November 2012

The perfect little number

Dress: Rebecca Taylor. Jacket: Zara (old but this is my newest tweed obsession). Booties: Rebecca Taylor. Bag: Rebecca Taylor (sold out). Belt: J.Crew. Necklace: Forever21. Watch: Michael Kors.

These were shot during the last day of the Fag and mine's little Halloween getaway to San Diego last week. We both needed a little vaycay and what better way to rejuvenate yourself than a little ocean and a little gay Halloween? The only thing I can think of is Botox.

Even though I was on vacation, I still like to stay poised. My aesthetic rarely strays from the polished, put together look that I wore here. And although it makes me look like I'm trying to be Kate Middleton in a town where flip flops and Daisy Dukes are absolutely appropriate evening wear, I still couldn't resist busting out my new Rebecca Taylor pieces. This dress is the perfect pale pink nude and every pale girl knows how hard it is to find good nude pieces (they tend to be too beige or too yellow). I knew I needed this little number in my wardrobe the minute we got it in the store. If it's nude, got a sweetheart neckline, and a skirt long enough to flatter, but not hide, my curves, I'm all about it.

I've also been trying to embrace my natural hair texture, which is as straight as it can get. I'm not sure it's the most flattering; I always feel like slick straight hair is an extremely hard look to pull off. I want to like it in theory. What do you guys think? I've reverted back to my typical (but time consuming) waves, but I'd love your opinion on the straight hair trend! (Is straight hair a trend? Can we really call a natural hair texture a trend? These are the serious and deep thoughts that I have.)


06 November 2012

class is in session

Sweater: H&M; Shirt: Michael Kors; Bowtie: H&M; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Frye; Watch: Michael Kors 

okay. so I'm really not trying to be a walking billboard for H&M but I really do enjoy the affordable fast-fashion that they churn out week after week. This quilted sweater has easily become one of my fav pieces currently hanging  on the floor in my closet. I like layering this sweater with a nice button down shirt (à la MK, where else) and obviously one of my signature bowties. paired with my super nerdy fake glasses and I'd like to think that I'm the professor that everyone would want to have sex with during office hours. who wants an A this semester, class is in session.

I love fall because it lets me break out my favorite piece of clothing of all time: sweaters. call me grandpa, call me Mr. Rogers and sometimes even Bill Cosby. but I love me a good sweater and you should too. what do you guys think, what's your fav piece to break out of the closet (and no, not your favorite gay) during fall/winter. and let's get more creative than boots please.

beaux rêves et gros bisous, 

29 October 2012

do your chain hang low?

top: thrifted; jeans: 7 For All Mankind; shoe: Steve Madden; chains: HRH Collection; ring: Tiffany; bag: Louis Vuitton; sunglasses: Prada inspired 

When I stumbled upon this blouse when the Fag and I were vacationing in San Diego, I literally died. We were at AmVets, which is basically like Goodwill on crack, adjacent to a very active railroad track, literally causing the building to tremble every time a train passed, but really, we're not kidding. This place was literally a gold mine thanks to the Fag knowing the ins and outs of San Diego and the places to go. $1 silk blouses? Check. $5 microsuede dresses from the eighties? You bet! Gold chains that were practically made for this ghetto gold lover? Absolutely! I was in sartorial bliss.

Amvets in all its glory

This photo does not even do AmVets justice. Imagine a jumble of all sorts of shit (disfigured doll heads, plastic plants, cheerleading uniforms) combined with a goldmine of clothes mixed with an awful stench of the creatures who shop there. But you know, for cheap digs, I can deal with that. 

Back to the blouse. When I found it hanging on the rack, my heart stopped and I thought and in my best Donatella Versace chain-smoking accent, "DOLCE AND GABBANA!" But alas, it had some rando old label that I didn't recognize but it was 100% silk. The print just screamed Dolce, non? And at the last minute I felt like spicing things up and threw on my favorite (and very discontinued) Chanel "Red Dragon" lip laquer. Do you guys prefer the natural look or the va-va-voom of the red lips? I'm partial to the Red Dragon, personally.


24 October 2012

vartsity bleuz

Shirt: Perry Ellis; Bowtie: BDG; Varsity Jacket: Shipmen Supply CPO Provisions; Pants: BDG; Backpack: Marc Jacobs; Watch: MK; Bracelet; Hermès 

a great statement in any outfit is, of course, a bold jacket. and this season I've been quite literally obsessed with the varsity jacket trend. from Jil Sander (for the girls) and Band of Outsiders (for the guys) you really can't but help love this trend. even if you were the total geek in high school, now, you too can sit with us. I like pairing the varsity jacket with my east-coast preppy looks; I think that it's a nice combination to water down both overpowering styles. to further my bowtie collection, I've finally mastered the complex art of tying a hand-tied bowtie-- but take my advice, if you're trying to figure out how to tie them, don't trust the black man from South Carolina on youtube.

further playing with the schoolboy-next-door look I've got going on with my v-jacket, I decided to bust out my Marc Jacobs backpack circa 2010. it's so vintage, I know. I'm not a big fan of the fag bag so I don't usually carry around bags (except going to classes...don't remind me I graduated), but this backpack has the usual edgy/playful qualities that MJ continually churns out in his designs. plus, the green really brings out my eyes.

how would you guys style a varsity jacket? ladies, how do you feel about them? I know the Hag kind of looks like a Chola when she wears one so I'm curious to see how others feel about them.

beaux rêves et gros bisous.

22 October 2012

forever in a harem

Shirt: Forever 21. Pants: 7 For All Mankind. Shoes: Rebecca Taylor. Necklace: HRH Collection. Watch: Michael Kors. Purse: Rebecca Taylor.  Bracelets: Anthropologie, Forever 21, SoHo, Thrifted.

Silk harem pants, I know most of you are clutching your pearls right now. But I've had these pants for a few years and always enjoy bringing them out to play. While on paper they may sound un peu scary (silk drop crotch trousers never sound appealing to anyone), I absolutely adore the versatility and high fashion appeal of these pants. The 100% silk fabrication makes it luxe while the slouchy masculine fit keeps it cool. I promise harem parents are only scary on paper. I kept it feminine by pairing the pants with a delicate nude silk (aka: Forevzies polyester) blouse to juxtapose the edginess of the pants. I'm all about balancing two contrasting styles and these two pieces played off each other perfectly. Topped off with extravagant jewels and I'm good to go. What more do you need?

And now I want to talk about the highlight of these pictures: my lambskin-studded bag--a relatively new addition to my wardrobe. 100% lambskin made from the gods, gold plated accents, and a sizable shoulder strap: consider me obsessed. It's sizable enough to carry my life with me while still a manageable size to not weigh me down. Consider me a Rebecca Taylor addict. If you loyal Fag&Hag-ers aren't familiar with Rebecca Taylor please get yourselves acquainted because we're already besties.

How do you guys like to style your contrasting textures/themes? hard vs. soft, light vs. dark, feminine vs. masculine or playful vs. edgy. What do you like to do with your style--we'd love to know!